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As the gulf coast of the United States assesses the damage wrought by Hurricane Disasters, the death toll continues to rise alongside the threat of further complications such as disease. In New Orleans, even the shelters are no longer a safe refuge. Many are wondering what they can do to help the devastation and the inevitable aftermath.
  This site is a place where you can donate any amount, via credit card or PayPal account, to a PayPal fund set up for this event. Every cent will be donated specifically for Hurricane relief. The Greater Dallas CDC has presently set up an account for donations to the ' Red Cross Hurricane Disaster Relief  Fund " All donation are tax deductable through the CDC non-profit. All checks and secure credit card online donations are made to the CDC relief fund's activites. Contributors can be confident of all their donations and know we are listed with the IRS and accountable for your love donations











If you wish to make a tax deductable donation you can do it online right now! Just make the donation and send us your information via email and we will send you a IRS letter of donation for tax purposes. If you just want to make a donation just click the secure credit card logo and in minutes we will receive your donation. Thanks for visiting our site and thank you for your donation

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