We are a nonprofit community development company community based and grassroots oriented. We help in every aspect of comunity from the homeless to food programs to small business concerns. We are working with corporations as well to help us meet the need of at-risk and under priviledged. Also jobs skills and lifeskills are in progress to include angermanagement classes and parenting classes as well.We are committed but we need your help to make more steps toward help making our community better making a stronger city safer making our country stronger and the world a better place to live.


The Greater Dallas Community Developement Corporation 501c (3)is a grassroots initative to established programs and goals to help empower individuals and communities. Programs are: Anger Management, Credit Counseling, Home Buyers Education, Finance Management, Gambling Addictions, Aids Awareness & Education, Aids Awareness, Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief, Drug Counseling, Children and Teen Programs, Homeless Progrms, Food Pantries, Clothing Closets and Job Skills.We are a serious "Grass Roots Organization" Our focus is on the cause of the problem and we work hands on to see the difference. We have been working for community more than 17 years.There is much more work to be done and we need your concern!












Education & Counseling
Children & Teens Programs
Credit & Finance
Anger Management Classes
Aids Education
Domestic Violence Victim Assistance


Feeding The Homeless
Homeless Housing Procurement
Job Skills
Soup Kitchen
Disaster & Hurricane Relief

Resettlement Services


What's Happening Now !
We are presently seeking funding for a new project in developing a housing program for the homeless in the Dallas Metroplex. The program will house homeless families and provide job training and incentives to work . Also food pantries & feeding programs will be made available .... We are seeking end of year donations as well!!

This major project will be caused " HOUSE DALLAS " The program will call for the donation of a hotel or appartment building that will hold at least 35 families.. Fod preparation and Child Care Services would be available to include job preparation and traing.

The program will be a 6-9 month program, " Highly Transitional " HOUSE DALLAS" will include community health & dental care. We are excited about this opportunity within this vision.. Please help us make this come true for so many who need so much help. our help!

Past Acheivements

Formulation of " Certeficate of Owner Managed Business to UT at Tyler Texas

Formed The Tyler Minority Business Counsel

Founded The SHMI Food Pantries

Opened 8 new Food Pantries

Provided Anger Management Classes to the Dallas Metroplex for more than 965 people

Counseled more than 550 teens

More than 1500 Referals to mental health professionals

Resettlement Services for Katrina Victimes