Three Major Programs



 International projects include: The Global  Relief Pproject for  Malaria in Democratic Republic of Congo formely known as the Belgium Congo where  more than 180,000.00 children  under the age of 5 die every year. It is also the home of the genocide of more than 5 million people in a 10 year span mostly women and children. Our initiatve is exhaustive but needful. The number of women abused and killed  caused many deaths and displacement of  hundreds of thousands of orphan children. We are working to help  raise doctors and health care professionals in Congo DRC. In addition we need more medical facilities and better hostipals and training facalities there. You can learn more about our work at website   email:


Community Youth Initiative: Our new summer project is an internet radio show with at-risk children hosting and  taking platforms for you reform and saffer schools . We will use youth throughout the Metro-plex in several school districts. Our goal is to train while informing our youth to voice it's community concerns on the internet radio show call BET Star Radio Network. website   email


Abused Women & Children: We have been working with shelters and organization that fight domestic violence while rendering aid to abused women and their children. In texas alone  there are more than 176,000 cases of reported domestic violence. As many as 123 women loose there lives each year in Texas domestic violence cases. We have began a proactive approach as well as a court ordered mandate to help save these women and save fragmented families. We need your help the numbers are growing. Our biggest  and best programs are comming through the Greater Dallas Lifeskills & Anger Management Group where we provide anger management and lifeskills classes each week throughout the  Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, Garland, Ft Worth and Denton Texas areas. website:  email: 


IRS 501 C (3) 

We are IRS registered non-profit 501 c(3) organization. Under this designation we are required to operate only within the guidelines and tax requirements necessary to be mantain our nonprofit status. Our designation allows us to accept donations for tax write offs as well as grants and foundation funding. In additional we participate in government contracts as well. If there are any questions or concern please contact us by phone or email.